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Preventing man page contents from getting cleared

man pages are great help for learing new commands in *nix systems. There will be hardly any unix user who have not used it .

When learning about new commands or options of commands using man pages it is a annoyance that man page contents get cleared on quiting man. We can change this behiavior man by changing the default PAGER.

The default PAGER user by man is less. To change the behavior of man we can change the PAGER to more. You can do this by adding following line to .bashrc file in your home directory.

export PAGER=/bin/more

If you want to change man page behavior permanently you will have to edit PAGER value in /etc/man.config


One Response to “Preventing man page contents from getting cleared”

  1. you can also put the following in your shell dot file:

    export LESS=-MXx4

    then it won’t get cleared.

    Only problem with using more is that it exits when you hit the bottom of the manual, which I find a bit annoying.

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