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Howto reset root password for a linux machine

February 21, 2008

Consider the case you forgot the root password of your Linux machine. Don’t panic ! You can reset it easily entering single user mode . Following are the run levels in linux. Runlevel 0: Halt System – To shutdown the system Runlevel 1: Single user mode Runlevel 2: Basic multi user mode without NFS Runlevel […]

Generating Random passwords using mkpasswd utility

December 4, 2007

We can generate random passwords using mkpasswd utility #mkpasswd 3b&Ao2xzM By default mkpasswd generates alpha-numeric passwords of length 9 with one special character. We can define length using -l option and special characters using option -s. Some times special characters in password may cause problems. #mkpasswd -l 8 -s 0 8ns5pTNr The above command creates […]