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uTorrent 1.8 is Released !

August 11, 2008

The most popular torrent client uTorrent has relesed a new version with significant improvements. uTorrent latest release provides Full Vista support! IPv6 support Fixes several bugs and numerous enhancements You can download it from uTorrent site Advertisements

Preventing man page contents from getting cleared

June 19, 2008

man pages are great help for learing new commands in *nix systems. There will be hardly any unix user who have not used it . When learning about new commands or options of commands using man pages it is a annoyance that man page contents get cleared on quiting man. We can change this behiavior […]

Howto reset root password for a linux machine

February 21, 2008

Consider the case you forgot the root password of your Linux machine. Don’t panic ! You can reset it easily entering single user mode . Following are the run levels in linux. Runlevel 0: Halt System – To shutdown the system Runlevel 1: Single user mode Runlevel 2: Basic multi user mode without NFS Runlevel […]

Running PHP4 and PHP5 concurrently.

January 18, 2008

Running PHP4 and PHP5 There are many times when we need PHP4 and PHP5 to run concurrently on the server.In such cases we can Install one as apache module and other as CGI Install PHP4 or PHP5 as apache module. Lets install PHP5 as apache module Download PHP5 untar it and move to its directory. […]

Quick Keyword search using Firefox !

January 13, 2008

Most of the websites have site specific search (eg: We can use the keyword option in Firefox for quickly searching such websites. 1. Visit the website we need to search using Firefox.( For example or any site having search option ) 2. Right click within the search box. 3. Select “Add a Keyword […]