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Repair Corrupt RPM databases

March 12, 2009

Sometimes RPM databases become corrupt. You will no longer be able to install/upgrade/remove programs using YUM or RPM command. Even RPM quey simply gets hung. This is the case when you need to repair RPM databases. You can use the simple script to do it. cp -pr /var/lib/rpm{,`data +%F`.bk} rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__db* rpm -vv –rebuilddb […]

Disabling the annoying system beep in Linux !

July 28, 2008

System beeps every time you press the backspace key one too many times, or just using emacs, can be quite disturbing. To shut them off: Just open your .bashrc file. vi ~/.bashrc and add the following xset b off xset b 0 0 0

Resetting root mysql password

November 30, 2007

By default, MySQL Server will be installed with root superuser without any password. You can connect to MySQL server as root without requiring password or by keying in blank password. However, if you have set the password for root and forget or unable to recall the password, then you will need to reset the root […]

Paravirtualization using Xen

November 29, 2007

Installing and Configuring Xen Xen is a server virtualisation solution that works on the principle of Paravirtualisation. Paravirtualization requires modifying the operating system to run on Xen. Paravirtualized operating systems “know” that they are virtualized. This is achieved by modifying the kernel. Xen is a virtual machine hypervisor. Xen Hypervisor Requirements A pre-existing Linux or […]